Ricky Ruff


Immersed in a dynamic culture of prestigious education, urban souls, rhythmic conversation and racial tension, Ricky Ruff was bound to express himself. The eclectic, energetic, engaging culture of Chicago’s underground sound refreshed him in his early teen years.

Never a student to traditional learning, Ricky embraced the nuances and excitement that real living had to offer. His love affair with words would soon become a marriage. To speak what was real, what was true, what was relevant and what his people were thirsty for… reality.

Today, Ricky is not only a well-sought after performance artist, but is also an author and a public speaker. He has penned his first collection of works. Appropriately titled, “Mid-Mind Crisis”, it is an assorted mix of thoughts that often muddle around in the mind of a young divergent adult.

Ricky is 22 years of age, single and outspoken. Anyone desiring his presence would be amazed within moments at the revolution-inspired, thought-provoking words he will share on any topic ranging from sports, politics, equality, education and the whole whole hearted appreciation of life outside the classroom. Ricky is an active member of the P.O.E.T (People Of Extraordinary Talent) Organization, Team Negus and WolfHours, all great artistry groups. He loves to collaborate with new and upcoming artists trying to find their voice.

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