Natasha Gayden


Natasha Gayden is the Founder and CEO of Women With 20/20 Vision Inc. and also the owner of Elevate Master Coaching LLC. She is a Certified Life, Executive and Business Coach, an Author and sought after Keynote Speaker. Natasha has over 25 years of Senior Human Resources and Management experience. Her greatest passion is centered around helping women succeed and walk in their God Given Purpose.
Natasha established Elevate Master Coaching LLC to help individuals in all walks of life elevate their potential and become great leaders and entrepreneurs. She has served several clients in over 10 states and two countries.  For over 15 years, Natasha has created coaching and personal development programs for leaders. She is a graduate of the CAPP Institute of Positive Psychology and is also a certified Senior Human Resources Professional through SHRM as well as HRCI. Natasha believes her most important roles however, are wife and mother to 4 children.

Natasha understands all too well the challenges of living a painful and stuck life. Her greatest attributes are her resilient spirit and her passion filled desire to help others find their purpose and began walking in it. Through unwavering faith, she was able to overcome poverty, molestation, rape and being a teenage single mother. In spite of all her hardships, she was able to carefully build a life of success in business and with her family. “It wasn’t easy.” Natasha says, However, if you are serious about changing your circumstances and willing to put in the work, you will build the life you dream of.” Connect with Natasha at and Twitter @elevatecoaching