Mia A. Williams


Mia A. Williams, MBA is a passionate leader, faithful servant, teacher, mentor, author, speaker, coach and a wedding-day crisis survivor!

In 2015, Mia co-authored the Amazon Best Selling book, “Rock Bottom is a Beautiful Place 3: Living with a Grateful Heart,” sharing how God healed her from a broken heart and loosed her from the bondage of shame, bitterness, and the inability to forgive. Through faith and the power of prayer, she has transformed one of the most disastrous days of her life into a platform to serve other women by teaching the biblical principles of forgiveness, and the dangers of living in shame and letting bitterness and anger rule your heart.

Mia is passionate about encouraging and inspiring women to live the principles of peace, grace and love which she shares on her blog peacegracelove.com. Her motto is simple: Live in Peace; Walk in Grace; and Do Everything in Love. Through mentoring and coaching, Mia helps women achieve clarity in their purpose and the courage they need to share their stories and turn their dreams and ideas into tools to serve other women. Above all, Mia is in love with God and is determined to live each day placing her all on the alter.

Mia received her Bachelors of Arts from the University at Buffalo and her Masters in Business from Medaille College. She currently teaches business courses online and resides in Dallas, TX with the man of her dreams and their son. You can learn more about Mia at www.miaawilliams.com