Dr. Deborah Starczewski


Dr. Deborah Starczewski is a professor at Life Christian University, where she earned her doctorate in Theology. Deborah founded Star Ministries, Star National Outreach Worldwide (non-profit) and has published books: A LEAP OF FAITH; GOD’S PRICELESS TREASURE; and THE MIDNIGHT HOUR –available on-line and wherever she speaks. She has appeared on various forms of media and print, including Atlanta Live TV, Exploring the Word (American Family Radio), and several other radio talk shows.
Deborah’s heart is to share Christ—from the Marketplace to the Nations. She impacts the lives of everyone she encounters, inspires others with wisdom, motivation, and hope in God with a strong gifting in the prophetic.
Having personally experienced heartache, pain, and rejection, Deborah understands the challenges that accompany everyday life. She focuses on knowing God and making Him known as she imparts truth through the Word. Her messages are powerful and her testimonies are miraculous. She will inspire you to seek God for yourself as she shares her wisdom and insight into the heart of God. Her life experiences of redemption and restoration give hope to all.
What matters most to Deborah is seeing lives changed, hearts healed, and destinies fulfilled for all who dare to believe God. She believes obedience to the Word of God is like a key that opens new doors, saves lives, and unlocks destiny. She is dedicated to reaching people of all walks of life to advance the Kingdom of God, from business owners to housewives, and inspiring all to live with passion and purpose.
Deborah is an author, speaker, ordained minister, wife, mother, and grandmother residing in Cornelius, North Carolina.
Website: www.starministriesinc.com