Cheryl J. Ketchens


Cheryl J. Ketchens is a woman, of faith, with a warm compassionate, fun-loving disposition. She loves her husband, children, grandchildren, eight siblings, and awesome girl friends beyond words! Cheryl says that her family and friends are the essence of her soul. They are her heart’s song, the smile on her face, the confidence in her walk, her soft place to fall, and her greatest life’s purpose.

She is an Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Certified Life Coach, At-Risk Youth and Parent Conflict Specialist, Teen Job Preparedness, and Portfolio Instructor, Toastmasters International, Southern Mid-Michigan Area Director, Advanced Communicator Bronze with two National Certifications in Workforce Development, Author of the new journal; Greatness: Unleashing Your Greatness Into the World! Creator of “10 Essential Caregiver Survival Tips” – A Care-givers Guide to Survival, downloadable as an MP3, President and Owner of Wellness Is Power, LLC, in Jackson, MI.

Her list of interests and hobbies include: writing, reading fiction, and non-fiction books, traveling, visiting aquariums, art museums, dancing, cruising, listening to music from diverse genres, and setting new “Bucket List Goals.” Working with youth and teens is her greatest passion in life. Cheryl loves lighting a spark in the minds, hearts, and imaginations of her youth by supporting, encouraging, and helping them identify their uniquely innate gifts, and talents while teaching them how and why goal setting and planning is essential to their lives. She encourages them to shift their mind-set from negative to positive.

Cheryl helps youth see, do, learn, and achieve their greatest potential, by creating Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Bound ((SMART) Goals. Interested Parents, Educators, Employers and Faith Leaders can learn more about Cheryl at and