Bricena “Cookie” Chandler Belle


Bricena “Cookie” Chandler Belle is shifting into the next phase of her life. A stay-at-home Mom for over 20 years, she is now “free to be whatever God wants me to be.” A reformed helicopter mom, Cookie has a passion for minority youth. She strives to connect bright minds in underserved communities with experiences and opportunities to go to college. Her goal is to replace herself and immediate family members on their respective college campuses.

Cookie believes in Dreaming BIG. She has worked with teens, young ladies and women in several ministries she attended; encouraging them not to be afraid to step into ALL that God has for you. “Value who you are in God and know that He created you for a Purpose.”

At this crossroad in her life, Cookie is discovering more of her passion and purpose. “People stress because they cannot articulate their purpose – do what you love!” She strives not to miss an opportunity to have a God appointed encounter. She knows first-hand the power of reaching out to someone as directed by God.

Cookie is a Partner, with her husband, in the real estate investment company Belle Capital Resources, LLC. The company was founded in 2008 with a mission to strengthen communities through revitalization. BCR, LLC provides quality properties that are not readily available in underserved communities. The focus is on persons of low and moderate income, the elderly, and disabled.

Cookie was a member of the first Women’s Track Team at the University of Virginia, where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics. She supervised the initial Brokerage Unit Trading desk at Wachovia Bank in Winston-Salem, NC. Cookie and her husband Marty live in Lake County, Illinois. They have two adult children.